Saturday, May 05, 2012

Perth and a Picnic Blouse

Eva and I have been on a roadtrip to Perth the last two days. It looks like her adenoids will be coming out in a few weeks and gromits will be going in her ears. She doesn't seem too worried (unlike me), she was just excited to be in the city, drinking milkshakes in cafes and that girl loves a trip to Bunnings.

Picnic Blouse by Oliver & S in the same size I made Grace last year (I was too lazy to trace a new size out, I just made it shorter). The fabric was from Spotlight a few years ago.


Fleur Cotton said...

Oh that's lovely fabric and what a great make ...she looks lovely in it!

Nothing better than the simple pleasure of a milkshake!

Fleur xx

Ingrid said...

The top is very cute - and good luck with the surgery!

A Red Ham said...

I hear you about the surgery for your little one. My 2nd had grommets & adenoids out when she was 3, then grommets again twice when she was 5. I was more worried than she was. However it was scary when they put her under & horrible when she came out from the drugs. But, unfortunately it needed to be done. Best of wishes when it is your little ones turn.

Anonymous said...

Love this Kate and would love this type of thing for myself. I have long sleeve t-shirts and skivvies but need something for over the top ??? Will look for patterns :)