Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maternity Sewing

I have done a little clothes sewing for myself in the last couple of months. Anyone who has sewn for themselves when pregnant knows that pattern options are very limited. So I have been modifying patterns I already own.
I made this pattern a couple of times last year and it is so comfortable. It did not take much modifying to turn it into a maternity dress - I just made it more a-line, more so with the front piece than the back. I just made one in black and have been wearing it a lot.
 The Katrin dress/tunic by Mamu Designs is also a good pattern that does not need much modifying. I am not sure where I bought this but if you google Katrin Mamu you find lots of options, some in Australia.
 I made this one out of some thin cotton stretchy fabric. I don't think I modified the width of this and it fits me fine at the moment. The only modification I made was to use clear elastic around the neck instead of facing it (facing on stretch fabric drives me crazy, binding or using clear elastic is so much easier).
 I bought this pattern recently - the Circle Top from Papercut Patterns. It looks pretty simple and is sooo much quicker than knitting myself a cardigan at the moment. I have some merino wool jersey perfect for it and will try and make it today.
The Tova pattern is also pretty easy to modify for an expanding stomach. I made one slightly more a-line at the front and when I placed the front piece on the fold of the fabric to cut out I moved it an inch or so over from the fold and then cut so there would be more fabric at the front.
I recently discovered that Megan Nielsen has nice modern maternity pattern. Not sure if I will try them as I think I can make do with what I have now, although I would like to try her Darling Ranges Dress next year.


flowerpress said...

Oh, I was going to suggest megan neilsen. Love that red top. What a great print! I must attempt some stretchy sewing this year :-)

Ingrid said...

Its been a while since I was pregnant - but I lived in the Burda things that I made - some dresses, tunic tops and some super-well cut pants. I wonder if they are still good?

Christine said...

I love your blog (and subscribe)though I am not so good at leaving comments. I somehow missed the post when you announced you were pregnant. What exciting news! I look forward to seeing what you make for the baby. I am always inspired by what you make.

Kris said...

Adapting patterns is the best idea when pregnant I think. You will look great! Love that red print top.

Marina said...

I was going to suggest Megan Nielsen as well though I see you're already across it! I finished my Darling Ranges dress recently and am really impressed at how well it fits!