Saturday, October 29, 2011

Onion 2007

If you need a quick easy raglan knit dress pattern I recommend Onion 2007. It has darts above the bust and on top of the sleeves which gives it a great shape. The only problem was the neck binding was a little long and I should have made it shorter so it sits a little better. I used some king of stretchy knit with very thin stripes I found at Textile Traders which is thicker than most knits. Not much else to say - quick and very comfortable, my kind of dress.


Jodie said...

Best blog title ever !

Annie said...

I like it Kate and you're looking very trim in it

Stacey @ bakercourt said...

Oo, I LOVE this dress! Very nice. Now, I need to find someone with some 'sewing skillz' to make one up for me! I'd definitely choose grey, lovely colour. x