Saturday, October 15, 2011


It feels like I have sewed all day, but I have nothing to actually show yet. Today was muslin sewing day. I have so many patterns I want to sew, but I know they will all need a few adjustments. I found some cheap old fabric I don't like in the stash and just went for it.
I have had this book (ISBN 4579111831) for a while and I was seriously thinking this tunic on the front would never work on me. With a few adjustments it is not too bad and made out of voile it will make a cool summer dress. It is still not the perfect fit, but it is not going to get better unless I decide to add a zip to the side, but it is no worse than the schoolhouse tunic.
I really meant to make Colette Crepe Dress last year and never got around to it. I think I have managed to get the top fitting, but it is a little tricky to do by yourself. I have some very soft lightweight denim I found at Spotlight last year to use. I am still not sure whether to do a contrast tie.
Another pattern which has the potential to be really great or a complete disaster is Vogue 1228. I have read many reviews saying the front was low and they were right. It was quite tricky to adjust this. I took it up at the shoulder and it is still not perfect, but I will give it a go. This really is an easy straightforward pattern otherwise.


Cass said...

Can't wait to see your colette pattern as I really want to get it so I will be interested to hear what you think

Stephanie said...

Great patterns. I love the Colette dress.