Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We are in the middle of the school holidays and besides the few days in Albany where it was typical Albany weather it has been beautiful. The children were outside from 8am until 6pm yesterday with the wonderful neighbours children and I only saw them for food. By the end of the day they had made a flower garden and a scarecrow and there were plans for many more projects.

Shave a Sheep was great on the rainy days we had. You can't go wrong with anything lego.
Macarons have always scared me a bit so I thought I would try the Donna Hay packet ones. They may not look like something on Masterchef, but they were very easy and I am ready to try them from scratch.


Cass said...

We had to go and by Shave a Sheep on our holidays 2 weeks ago because it was raining so much the kids had nothing to do at the holiday house.

Nelly said...

Hi Kate I used to live in Albany when I was a kid for a couple of years we were always at the beach then.

Ashleigh said...

Yes yes macaroons scare me to! I've read many recipes but am yet to jump in and have a go. Maybe it's time!

Marrissa said...

I am loving the school holidays, so much fun to be had. It looks like you are really making the most of them :)