Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spinning and Quilting

Some spinning from this week. I love the greens and the blues in this roving.
I'm trying to spin a bit thinnner and a bit more consistently.
I definitely need to practise plying.
This quilt top has been sitting around a few months now. My least favourite part of making a quilt is laying it all out and getting it ready to quilt. I did make sure I put a lot of safety pins in it as I was very lazy doing the little cot quilt and it moved a lot as I sewed (did you notice there was no close up pictures after I quilted it?). I started some free form quilting of flowers and swirls and so far so good.


Kris said...

I just love blue and green together at the moment and I love the yarn you produced! It looks delicious. I had to laugh at all your pins in the quilt! I never put that many in - maybe that's where I'm going wrong! Happy quilting.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely colours in that yarn. You are very clever.
Looking forward to baby news. What do your girls think?

Anonymous said...

Love the colours of your yarn and that quilt is just gorgeous. Now we want to see close ups of this one when finished.
I'm looking forward to getting mine finished too.

periwinkle said...

Lovely colours- are those little pigs I spy?
Lisa x

Rachael Elswyk said...

The spinning looks fantastic. I'm stumbling over my plying, I just can't get it right! So yours looks perfect!!!
V-Cute quilt too.

Philigry said...

everything looks great!

Gabrielle said...

I've missed reading your blog - so great to catch up on it all - the quilts are gorgeous,and it was lovely to see your photo too. I can't believe how much you are getting done in the last weeks of pregnancy - so impressive!