Thursday, January 03, 2008


My calendar for 2008 has arrived. There were so many fantastic ones to choose from on Etsy this year. This is the one I finally chose and I love it. From Wolfie and the Sneak.
More platypuses - I love choosing the fabrics and felt and making these.


Di said...

I love the platypus (as always) The calendar also looks beautiful! I have to get mine up!

Happy New Year (if I haven't said it already!) It's only the third and I can't remember who I have said it to!

fiveandtwo said...

Yeah, I agree, so many REALLY good calendars on etsy. I couldn't decide. The Leunig calendar that came with The Age (Vic.) is my choice - the daily squares are big enough to write in all the various activities and so on.
Those platypuses are gorgeous, you're very talented.

Kris said...

I love the platypuses too! The colours are great. I only just picked up my diary today and the new calandar hasn't hit the wall yet. Very unusual for me. Can't believe it's already the 3rd! I'm thinking perhaps it's a good omen. Usually my stationary is much more organised than I am. Maybe this year I'll be the organised one!

Jade said...

Lovely calendar! Oh, love the platypus herd. Very cute!

Katie said...

i love these kate! they are so sweet!

Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

Lovely calendar, I never thought of Etsy when I was getting one.
What do you call a collective of platypusses (platypi?).