Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Orange Handspun

I finally spun something and actually made it into a skein, well rather two skeins. If you think this looks a bit thick and thin, tufty and overspun in places you should see the stuff that won't be shown here. I think this will make a very warm hat though.

I finished some more bags. One is for my sister and one for her friend and the other two are in the shop.


Rachael said...

well, your very own handspun looks great to me!

sue said...

Your handspun yarn looks wonderful to me, and I love the oranges too. I seem to be buying more yellows and orange colored yarns lately, must be a phase. Love the bags, and the front one looks similar to the one I bought, and I use mine everyday.

Gabrielle said...

Beautiful handspun wool - I like the thick and thin effect - it will make a lovely hat.

Just in case you feel like playing (as if you don't have enough to do already), I am tagging you for a meme about your kids' names

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
You amaze me! Where do you find the time for everything? Glad you and the girls liked the jackets. They have grown into such gorgeous little girls.

I love all the toys and bags you make.

Sheeps Clothing said...

Yarn looks fantastic! Will keep you super warm over the winter months.
I love orange and wear quite a bit of it.

Chara Michele said...

Lovely bags!