Saturday, June 09, 2007


I've been tagged by Gabrielle to give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids.
I don't think we thought about what Amelia and Grace meant. We just tried to find some names we could agree on, which was quite tricky. Everything I suggested was dismissed. I really wanted a Milly or a Molly, but Chris wouldn't agree. He seemed to like Amelia and didn't realise until after she was born that I would be calling her Milly. I think Grace was a name Chris suggested and it really grew on me. I don't think I ever realised how hard it would be for two people to agree on names.
If you feel like sharing I would love to hear your stories on naming your children.
I wasn't going to post a picture of the socks I'm making my Dad until I'd finished both, but that could take forever and I am so impressed I have finished one. Chris kindly modelled it for me - much easier to take pictures of socks when you aren't wearing them. I am using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Black Watch which is so soft - wonderful to knit with.


jill said...

I agree that it is amazing that two people ever agree on what to name their children.
Our boy is RJ - Rasmussen Jacob. I wanted Joseph, but Dave didn't like the name much, and wanted a family tie-in. So we hauled in great-great grandpa Jacob's name to do the honors. Rasmussen was a name I happened on while doing some filing at work - it was someone's last name and I really liked it as a boy's first name. Not impossible to spell or pronounce, unique, but not so unique that no one would know his gender. We call him RJ because that's what fits him and Rasmussen really is too big a name for a little guy.
Aribella was a name I had picked out early in our marriage before we had kids. Two years of possibility-izing and I finally convinced Dave it was a great name for the girl we were expecting. Then I changed my tune and wanted to name her something else. Dave wouldn't budge. The first time I held her, I knew she was Aribella and nothing else. We call her Ari (are-ee), and it throws everyone for a loop because they want to pronounce it "air-ee". Oh well. She's our kid. Her friends will call her what they want, so we might as well enjoy the influence we have while we can. :)

Rachael said...

I was in my third year of uni while I was pregnant with Parker (now nearly 7). We had a girls name picked out the minute we accepted our surprise pregnancy, Lucinda. Our boys name was incredible difficult to choose, as our last name is a "SCH" name. We kind of settled on Nicholas, but it didn't feel right. I was researching an assignment late into my prganacy and the hormones took over and I ended up on a name site from the U.S. and found Parker. I kept the name to myself for a bit, because I really thought that Marty wouldn't like it. We went through the induction and lllooonnnggg labour and then Emerg LUSCS and when we saw him he just "fit" his name. We named him Parker James for no other reason than the "flow" of the names. As it turns out, Parker means keeper of the park (oh der?) and James means tree planter! So there you have it. He gets PJ from family, and is quite stoked that his grandad's name is Peter and together they make spiderman!
(I always wanted Darcey and Marnie for girls!!)

sue said...

I had no trouble naming Lachlan as I had picked out two names, Joshua and Lachlan. I decided Lachlan John was better than Joshua John, and Lachlan means "brave warrior" which I think he needs to be during his teenage years at school. Isabelle was a name that we both decided on, and we too had Grace picked out, but when we saw her we decided Isabelle Rose and it is a perfect fit. I think it means Elizabeth in French and Italian, just different spellings. It is like a piece of history isnt it, explaining why you chose the name to name your children. I love your girls' names too, and Milly is such a cute abbreviation. Isabelle seems to get called Miss B by me for some reason too.

Vanessa said...
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melissa said...

i think amelia and grace are beautiful names for your girls- classic and pretty.
i'm surprised my children got named at all, it was so hard for tom and i to settle on anything.

Sheeps Clothing said...

Your girls names are really lovely. I love Milly and Molly style names (my closest friend has a Polly and another has a Maisie).
We had Conor (our eldest son's name) picked out for about eight years before he came along. We had Christmas in Ireland one year and there was a really cute little Conor where we were staying.
As for Ethan (no. 2), although we knew from 18 weeks that he was a boy we couldn't agree. It was only as we were driving to the hospital on Christmas morning (yes Christmas morning!) with contractions 5 minutes apart that I said "call him what you bloody well like, just drive faster!!!"

She sure is strange! said...

Hey, I'm a Molly! The only one I knew until I got to college actually and now there are tons of us! My dh let me have a lot of say in the naming of the kiddos, but nixed a few that I really loved(Playfaire, Quilla, Ingabow, Larken, Eleanor, Carter, Cooper...). We ended up with a Ryan(little king and BOY is he!) Patrick(a family surname and my brother's middle name), Amy(beloved) Claire(light), and Sarah Elizabeth Frances, a family name.