Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Little Less Craziness

Things are slightly less crazy here, actually I think it's only crazy when I am not organised, so I'm trying to be more organised. However the girls don't think this is a great idea - how much mess can they make? And their favourite word is 'no'. No they can't clean up, no they can't eat their dinner, no they don't want to get changed, no they can't give us a kiss and no they don't want to have a nap just now.
I have finished up a few things. Some flower yo-yos for hairclips. I got mine here.
Another bag - it is going to be sad to cut into the last of this fabric. I had some blue fabric the same which has all been used. I think these were nearly my favourite bits of fabric ever. Definitely top ten. Another giraffe. I actually made identical twins, one has gone to live with the sweetest little baby called Braydon.


luv Abby said...

Hi Kate,
I love the giraffe it is too cute... what a great idea for using yo yo's I havent made them in a zillion years do u have a quick how to guide that you would part with??
luv Abby

Chara Michele said...

The bag is so pretty! And that giraffe is adorable:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, Your girls remind me of my daughter back then. I used to hold my breathe in the morning til we got to work, school & daycare.
Love the Giraffe and I know what you mean about the fabric. I have to learn to share.
I received my labels yesterday.
Thanks so much for the tip. Quick and easy order on the net.

Violet & Rose said...

Ok, so this is probably a really stupid obvious question, but does that thingy make yo yo's in the shape of flowers? Instead of just your round ones?

sue said...

Your giraffes are always so cute. I love the one you just made. My daughter and son still love the word "no", so it is never ending. I love the yo yo clips too, as I have a yo yo maker so I am going to attempt to make some for Isabelle and hope they turn out as lovely as yours. Perhaps you need to keep that bag so you can keep some of the fabric as a reminder of how much you loved it too.

Gina said...

Hang in there with all the "no"ing, this too shall pass! In the mean time we all love your beautiful new work!

shula said...

I have some fabric that might cure you of your sadness.

Not the same, but is the same period.

Let me know if you want it.

Scribbit said...

I love that bag so much.