Friday, April 14, 2006

School Holidays

School Holidays started yesterday. It just makes it so much easier to have Chris home. It is easier to shop, get the housework done, have a cup of coffee that is actually hot, sit for 5 minutes. Sometimes I do this anyway, but when I turn around the whole house is destroyed.
That's why i love this swing. One can swing, I can hang out the washing and there is only one baby eating dirt at a time. Here is Grace.
Amelia's cot faces the living room so if we don't shut the door now she won't go to sleep and we look up to see this little face asking to be let out and play.Klaralund blocking. I have measured and it is definetely going to be too big. We'll see after it is seemed. I have read about people fixing this by putting it tin the dryer for a few minutes. Maybe after a few glasses of wine.

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kath red said...

oh your kids are just adorable and I loved that pic of your hubby with the kids in the wheelbarrow. and the spinning too.