Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Finished Klaralund!

It is finally finished. I am glad I blocked it well as it doesn't fit too badly. A nice comfy warm Klaralund for winter.
The girls are starting to interact a lot more with each other. They are playing together more, always follow each other around and tonight they rubbed their heads on each other and cracked themselves up, just sitting there laughing at each other for ages.
Spinning news. I am finally making some progress. We took the girls to the Balingup field day yesterday to see all the animals and a lady from the Melanian Sheep society was spinning. She offered to teach me and in 10 minutes I learnt so much. It was quite relaxing and not frustrating.


fresh produce said...

Oh, I wanted twins! But 2 girls 22 months apart was the best I could do. I was brought to your blog by the name. Guess I can identify. Congrats on your Etsy shop. I also have a shop. Would love to do some trading sometime.

Di said...

Congratulations on finishing Karalund! I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it- it looks great.

Angela said...

Ohhh, very nice. It looks very comfy and snuggly but smart as well due to the colours.