Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Day

Some people wonder what I do with my day. I think this picture sums up most of it. The girls make a big mess and take off at great speed and I try to catch them before they hurt themselves and before they destroy everything. This goes on until Chris comes home and he can bath them while I clean up and do any housework that needs doing as there is no chance it will get done during the day and then finally when they go to bed I can do some sewing or craft.
Here is just a cute shot from this afternoon. They look happy now, but they had had their 12 month immunisations earlier and they were not happy. Luckily Mum was down and we could calm one each. A gingerbread man helped as well.Here is a couple of things I've managed to do late at night this week. I was very sick of my nappy bag and just needed something big to fit everything in and here is the result.
And the left overs became a little knitting box bag for my sock knitting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Goodness me - what gorgeous babies.
And you manage to get some crafting done while they're that little ??
I'm impressed.