Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No Gas!

Aaahh what a day. We missed playgroup as the girls would not have a sleep so by playgroup time they were so tired. The main living room light has blown and I can't reach the roof even on the ladder and now the gas has run out. Normally I can live without gas for a day and this would not be a stress, but Rolf hates the gas man and was fairly psychotic last time he delivered bottles and we were told he would not be back if Rolf was here.
But I just half to smile now as I can see the girls in the playpen being happy (and not screaming to get out which is rare). Amelia is lying there and Grace is playing with her feet and they are both cracking up at each other.
It will be perfect when Chris gets home, the girls go to sleep and I have a glass of wine. Then I'll think about how to make dinner with no gas.
Sock update: I finshed the practice sock and it looks like a sock! Now I'm casting on for a real one.

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