Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Elephants and Bears

I managed to finish another little elephant. I love these even though they don't quite stand up right. I love the wool felt - so easy to work with.I'm not sure what this is. It started as a bear and I guess it kind of still is. It is a bit out of proportion like yesterdays frog. I'm still working on the frog - it just doesn't look right yet.

I received some double pointed needles today so time to learn to use them and then I can make some socks!


Susan said...

The little elephant and the bear: so cute!! I love them!
I'm curious about your first socks (I guess the first?), you will love to knit socks, it's great.
Thank you for your comment in my blog – it was the first comment from Australia, I was very happy!

Jackie C. said...

Kate, I love the elephant! Are you designing them yourself or working from a pattern? If you're working from a pattern, could you post what it is, please?

Gina said...

Gee, just when I think I have a favorite, I keep scrolling down and keep falling in love with your next project!