Sunday, March 19, 2006

Amelia and Grace turn one!

I can't believe it has been a whole year and we have all survived. We had a party for their birthday on the weekend and all their grandparents came down and Jane and Ian, Carolyn and Shaun. They both ate a lot of fairy bread and pretty much anything that they could reach. They had their first bit of cake. Amelia tried to stuff the whole thing in her mouth - she was quite excited by it. I'm quite suprised they slept so well last night after all the sugar - the best sleep they have had all week (still no signs of teeth so no idea why the bad week).
Their crawling is getting better and they are getting faster. The weather has been so nice so they have spent a bit of time crawling around the lawn. I had them weighed the other day. Slowly, slowly growing. Amelia as 7.78kg and Grace was 8.14kg. I am sure that has increased after yesterday.
Everyone has gone home now, we just need them to a have a nap so we can have one too - hmmm - wishful thinking.

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Gina said...

All, I can say (outloud even) is awwwwww...