Friday, December 22, 2017

Delightful Desert Quilt

I've been wanting to make one of Elizabeth Hartman's amazing quilts for a while and a new baby was the perfect excuse to try the Delightful Desert Quilt!
I really thought it would take me ages to get a little quilt top, but I enjoyed the process so much that this was done in only a few days. There are many, many pieces in this quilt and there was not one error anywhere. This is really impressive. I'll have no hesitation in making anymore of her patterns (actually there is another one waiting in the pile on the cutting table).
I chose a palette of blues and greens and didn't plan which one went with which block. I cut one block at a time and just grabbed what looked good together. 
I can't wait to get time after Christmas to quilt this and start the next one!


Maria said...

I love Elizabeth's patterns and you baby quilt come together beautifully.

Annie Richter said...

I made Elizabeth's Lepidoptera quilt, which is huge, but my experience was the same! I planned to chip away over months but got so hooked I made it really quickly. And, at one point, when I wasn't sure about something I emailed Elizabeth and she helped me out. An amazing creative spirit. I love your baby quilt by the way. The grey dot sets off those lovely colours.