Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ottobre Jeans

The tagged quite a few pages in the latest Ottobre (1/2015). There are some great basics in there. Olive needs jeans so I chose pattern #12 and some stretch denim left over from another project.
 This is a great pattern, they are basically elastic waist pants with pockets on the front and back. They are nice and baggy and look very comfortable to play in.
Olive wasn't feeling very smiley yesterday.
 She did manage to stand still for a few photos.
 I love the orange top stitching.
 And I learnt how to do bar tacks on my machine.


eva said...

oh oh..... the "older" models are passing the batons on to the younger ones......
eva - the other one

Sue Rostron said...

Wow, is there anything you can't make, beautifully?

A-L said...

what a great pair of comfy feans. Need to make a pair for my son as well! those look awesome!