Sunday, July 20, 2014

McCalls 6044

I am so glad Chris and I stocked up on good cotton shirting while in New York, it really is so hard to find good shirt fabrics here. He is really happy to try different colours and prints which makes sewing a lot more fun and interesting. I can't imagine myself sewing plain white business shirts.
I made a short sleeved McCalls 6044 in summer and was happy with the fit so I thought I would make a long sleeved version.
 I made a few modifications to the pattern (as I did with the short sleeved version). I added a yolk to the back.
 I used the tutorial from Four Square Walls to add the collar. It worked perfectly. I will use it for the cuffs next time too. I have no idea why I didn't think to use it for the cuffs this time.
The sleeves were meant to be cut in two pieces, instead I overlapped the seams and cut them as one. I used the placket from the Negroni shirt and followed the instructions to attach it.
I used whisper weft to interface. I had not used it before, but I think I am a convert, at least for shirts.
 I really enjoyed sewing this one now I kind of know what I am doing. I think the next one will be even faster and more fun now I am not so anxious about the collar, plackets and cuffs.


bec said...

A true talent (and romantic! Quality sewing time on your hubby, awwww). You can't even tell they're littl flowers until you're close up, it's such a cute print. I'm still trying to get the nerve to attmept a 2nd Archer shirt (first one too small and went to Cam) but they are so much effort! It's why I love my tees.

Abby and Stephanie said...

How fun the mister isn't the boring white collar type. :o) He seems a good sport to wear great prints and model as well. You seem to tackle any sewing project very well. Lucky mister to have custom shirts. He'll be the enjoy of his co-workers.

eva said...

awesome shirt.....
and great model too...
eva (the other one)

formandreform said...

Gorgeous job Kate! And thanks for the link to the collar - I'm making a shirt for the next craft camp and will try it out - makes so much sense to do it that way. :)