Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Butterfly Blocks

I've made a few butterfly blocks in different colourways this year just for fun and while I was sewing them I thought it might be fun to make a few mini quilts based on quilts from Strip Savvy.
My butterfly quilt used a white background in the book so I thought I would use some Sketch by Timeless Treasures (currently my favourite background fabric) in bright colours for the background in my mini quilt.
Now to sew these together with the other ones I've made and choose the next quilt pattern to make a mini quilt from.


Stephanie said...

So pretty! I love the lime flower placement in the last butterfly. That blue sketch looks like it would feel like linen.

Christine said...

I'm playing some catch up with reading blog posts of your today and I'm completely inspired by the butterfly blocks in this post (and I noticed them a couple other times I believe.). Where can I find a pattern or instructions to try them for myself?
Thanks so much for sharing all of your projects!

Christine said...

Shoot! I forgot to hit one of the boxes on my comment from a few moments ago! Thanks again for the help!

Kate said...

Hi Christine, the instructions are in my book Strip Savvy that is published by Martingale.

Christine said...

Thanks so much! I will look that book up and add it to my book wishlist! Have a GREAT week!