Monday, July 14, 2014

Burda 9480, a Slouchy Cardigan and a Tee

As the girls get older there they are having a lot more involvement in what I sew for them. We go through patterns together and they go through my fabric stash. It was Grace's turn to get some new clothes this weekend and this is what she chose.
The Tee for Two is a staple and they girls love it. I have this pattern traced in so many sizes now.
 I made a Slouchy Cardigan to go over the top. She is still not sure how much she will wear this, she thinks the sleeves are a bit too puffy for her. I might have to take the cuffs off and take in the arms a bit then reattach them. If I make this again I will definitely alter the arms and maybe shorten the cuff a little. Otherwise this is a good pattern with clear instructions. I cut the band 5 1/2" wide which was perfect. 

The twins haven't been big fans of skirts recently, but I showed them Burda 9480 and she chose some black corduroy and was really happy to wear it today. Her sister has requested one exactly the same so I think we have found a winning skirt pattern. I cut a 10 which turned out a little large around the waist so I added some elastic into the back waistband. I top stitched everything in yellow, used silver snaps on the front and left off the belt loops.
 Now to sew up the pile of fabrics that Milly has chosen.


Jane said...

That's a great little skirt and I love the long cuffs on the cardi.

Stephanie said...

Very stylish outfit. Love the blue and green combo and of course the corduroy skirt. You really have some amazing sewing skills.