Sunday, August 11, 2013

Navy Smock

I don't think the girls could ever have enough smock dresses in their cupboard especially ones with pockets. Luckily Grace agrees.
The pattern is from this Japanese book. ISBN: 978-4-529-04894-1.
I used some of the cotton I bought in Bali which has a beautiful feel to it. Almost silk like.

 This ribbon came from an Etsy bargain a while ago. I think I got 5m for a couple of dollars. I added some to the pockets as I put them in and some to the top of the front and back before it was hemmed.

The sun came out this morning so we could take a few pictures and then sit and enjoy it after the week of rain and cold.


Jodie said...

The sun came out here today too, although no cute kids to model frocks for me. I especially love the pockets- all frocks should have pockets.

Christine said...

adorable! I love the trim.

Anonymous said...

I also agree, especially if they are as cute as this one :-)
I do love the trim and the pockets but the fabric must feel amazing as well ...