Monday, August 05, 2013

Crochet Basket

 I have been wanting to try crocheting with fabric for ages, especially with jelly rolls and 2 1/2" strips as I seem to have quite a collection of them and a big tub full of scraps.
The main reason it has taken me this long to try using jelly rolls for crochet was joining them. I really didn't want lots of big knots, but last week I found this tutorial. A brilliant way of joining fabric! 

Before I joined them I cut each strip in half until about an inch before the end so all the fabric was about 1 1/4" wide, then I joined them and rolled it all into a ball. Using an 10mm hook  I followed this rag rug tutorial as a starting point and when the base was wide enough I stopped increasing and started the sides. I used 37 strips to make this basket. When I finished I turned it inside out as I think it has a better shape.


Samantha Dennison said...

Oh, I love these! I have been thinking about making something like this since I saw some on instagram. Thanks for the fabric joining tip. Gorgeous colours, too.

Annie said...

Love a crotchet basket.

Christine said...

Beautiful! I have crocheted a rag rug before. So if you don't increase at a certain point, it will turn into a basket? I have some jelly rolls that I have to try this with.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your fabric basket is perfect for a project I want to make for my daughter! I'll have to take a look at these links.