Friday, June 07, 2013

Red Cardigan

I have stockpiled a few lots of fingering weight and lace yarn to knit myself cardigans, but at the moment I only have time for a few rows here and there. So it is hats and baby knits at the moment. One day I will knit a cardigan for me.
I am so glad I found this pattern. I have worn and worn my black cardigan I made myself and I made one for my sister too, who immediately requested one after trying mine on. It is the perfect cardigan pattern. Searching through the stash I found exactly the right amount of pure red wool for another one. I cut it out during Olive's morning sleep and finished it as she woke up and I wore it the rest of the day. (Yes we are finally in a routine where she will sleep in the morning and afternoon. Night time is a completely different story, best not mentioned.)

 There is only one answer when your Mum asks 'Do you want some Liberty for your birthday?'. Hell yes! I chose a couple of pieces for me (for maybe a Tova and another shirt) and a little bit of pink that will match with other bits and pieces I have for the girls. It came from Shaukat which has an amazing choice and was posted very quickly.

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