Sunday, June 09, 2013

Burda 9772 and Christine Pants

I think I bought Burda 9772 when the twins were babies so I have owned it about 8 years. I always meant to make it, but the overalls don't have snaps on the legs and I couldn't be bothered altering the pattern and it does not have the clearest diagrams and instructions, especially where you add the elastic under the arms. It is a very cute patterns though so I thought I would try it for Olive's cousin Chloe who is the same age as her.
I made the size 74/9 months and didn't add the frill. I like the look of the frill, but I am too lazy to try and do a nice rolled hem on corduroy for a baby. I think the straps are way too long, but the good thing about this pattern is you can just remove the buttons and make them smallern and as they grow move the buttons back to lengthen the straps.
 I can't say I enjoyed making it much due to the instructions, but looking at it today I really like it and will probably make Olive one.
 Olive was in need of some pants. This is the Christine pattern from I Think Sew.
 I made the smallest size, size 1. My elastic was smaller at the waist so they are a little shorter there and I used 8mm elastic on the legs so they are a lot shorter there. In the pattern picture they look to be about 3/4 length and size 1 go right to her ankles so they will fit during winter and will be great as shorter pants during spring. This was an easy pattern to follow with a good shape for big nappies. Only one small thing annoyed me about this pattern. You are told to measure the child to see how much elastic is needed. This makes perfect sense and is really easy to do when you are sewing for your own child, but when you are sewing presents it is a bit hard to measure the recipient. It would have been good to just have an average length for each size.


Christine said...

adorable clothes and I love the quilt Olive is laying on. Did you blog about?

Brenda said...

These are the cutest clothes and Olive is just adorable.

Doris said...

Very cute pants. Thank you for the excellent review. I agree with you on giving approximate lengths for the elastic for the different sizes. I'm sewing for a granddaughter who lives close to 2,000 miles away and it would be so much easier to not have to ask my daughter constantly to measure.

Taryn said...

I agree with you about waist elastic measurements. I like how the Oliver + S patterns say 'cut elastic 1" less than waist measurement' but I know that with the type of elastic I use I have to cut it about 4" less (my child is skinny too). At least it is a guideline. Must remember to write down what length I use for the next time I make my daughter something!

Samantha Dennison said...

Love the pinnie!