Monday, April 08, 2013

The Shirt That Might Not Be

I had high hopes for this shirt for Chris. Ok, to be honest I was really hoping I would make a muslin, it would fit perfectly and I'd make another one without needing to make any adjustments. I was deluded. Kwik Sew 3422 is a great pattern to follow, lovely features, it went together really well, but it doesn't fit properly. It runs pretty big, but I don't think just making a smaller size will fix how it fits.
So now I have to decide what to do, have a go at fixing all the fitting problems or start again. Do I try the Negroni which was my original plan?


Samantha said...

What a shame! And the picture on the pattern packet looks so good, too! I'd trust your sewing instincts; give the Negroni a go. x

Stitched Together said...

The Negroni looks like a lovely shirt. I wish I had the bottle to try making one for my other half.

VeeV said...

Wash it HOT......and hope the washing machine knows when to stop the shrinking process...."sew" when it comes out of the wash.....the fit will be perfectly adjusted!!!!

....that's my story - and i'm sticking to it.......

(which is why i don't sew clothing)


formandreform said...

I bought Burda 7767 after reading this post:
I havn't made it for my beloved yet but it looks promising to me!