Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Bag

I had a bit of a bag clean out recently, quite a few were very tatty and for someone who rarely wears makeup a lot of my bags seemed to have lip gloss squished into the bottom.
I bought a couple of pairs of leather straps off Etsy recently (search for leather handles, you will find lots) and used a pair about 16" long with some fabric called Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker.

 I drafted a pattern and made the lining first so I wouldn't waste the good fabric if it all went wrong. I added a pocket for keys and my phone and some sew in magnetic snaps to close it.
I added a couple of pleats to the bottom piece and some darts to the bottom to add shape.
 The handles were pre punched so they were quite easy to sew in. I used a backstitch. It looks nice and neat on the outside, but to be perfectly honest the inside is a little messy due to my impatience at getting it finished.
 I prefer messenger type bags, but it is tricky to wear bags with a strap across your body when you are wearing a baby so this will be easy to grab to take to the shops when I am wearing Olive.


Annie said...

I love it. I am a certified Bag Lady!

bec said...

Love it! havent tried a bag with those sorts of straps. Hey, only you is going to see the inside anyway! I need a new dedicated 'work' bag, have to get started!

Suzy said...

Beautiful! I love that yellow and green print especially.

Katharine said...

I need a new bag right now and this one is lovely. Glad to see you had fun making it.

Brenda said...

I love the new bag that you made!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Kate. Great fabrics and design