Friday, June 03, 2011

More of the same

There is something comforting about making something from a pattern you have used before with great results. There is no stress as you know how to make it and you know it will fit.
Another smock top from Ottobre 1/2008. Worn with another machine knit necklace (the girls are fascinated by the machine and insisted on 'helping' me make them one each).
A Queen Anne's lace scarf for me. The mornings are cold now and I need something to keep me warm doing the school drop off.

Evie helped me take some photos - here is one where I am actually in the picture.


bec said...

I remember being fascinated by my mum's, too. I tried it out in my teens, but didn't have the patience back then!

HeavenLee Creations said...

Love the scarf Kate! They are great! Nice camera work Eva!!

Annie said...

Love those happpy smiling little girls, and that scarf Kate, is amazing

Nicky said...

It's great 'getting help' from your little ones and interesting to get their view of the world via the camera. Lovely scarf - stylish and warm! What could be better?