Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One More Present

I think I have just one more Christmas present that needs to be finished. I finished all the blocks last week, but realised yesterday that I was going to order more fabric for the borders and big triangles months ago, but I forgot. So the original plan for the quilt below is impossible to do.
So here is plan B. I think if I cut very carefully I can just do it.


Naturally Carol said...

I actually like Plan B better...it has a more modern look to it...just my opinion! A very creative idea.

Anonymous said...

I'd love either! Good luck!

Alex said...

Hi Kate - I just spotted this post and wanted to ask - are you using a special computer programme to draw your quilts like that? I'd love to know what it is. It seems great that you can fiddle about with the layout of the blocks to see what would look good.
I've sent the drop bear off to the UK - looking forward to seeing how much they like it!
Best wishes Alex