Sunday, December 05, 2010

Markets and Christmas Sewing

The Bridgetown Fair was lovely yesterday (even if it was cold and rainy, better that the 40 degrees it was last year). It was a little less stressful then last year as we knew what we had to do this year, but there were still a few things to stress about. I am in awe of people that organise big fairs and markets and do it several times a year. Once a year is enough for me.
I now have a very big list of things to get done by Christmas. I made a start today with a little pouch (from my tutorial) from some laminate I got from Quilt Fabric Delights last year.
It was a lot easier this year with this teflon (or Ultra Glide Foot as Janome calls it).


Nikki said...

Oh yes!!! A teflon foot can change your life!! :)

Glad the fair went well and I hope you all have a lovely xmas.

Black Eyed Susie said...

Beautiful pouch. I need to get one of those feet. Must put that on my list.