Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nearly Ready for Christmas

I think I am nearly ready for Christmas, there is just a few things to finish then the packing, cleaning and sorting. I am sure if I forget stuff it won't matter. My sister had a little boy yesterday and the girls and I are more excited about that than anything else at the moment!
There has been basting and quilting. Crossing fingers I can get it done by Christmas.
I made this doll for Eva a few months ago to match a dress I made her. Lucky as all she has talked about for the last month is wanting a doll with a 'wrappy thing'. I hope this sleeping bag is what she is wanting.

A couple more ipod/phone covers.
I bought this gorgeous panel from Kristen Doran. I just have to make it into softies for the little girls and sewing kits for the big girls to make their own.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Naturally Carol said...

I love the little doll you have made with the sleeping bag, so bright and beautiful.

sue niven said...

Congratulations on the new baby!
The dolls with the sleeping bag is quite wonderful, Merry Christmas.

Sue said...

Congratulations on your new nephew! Loving the little doll with the sleeping bag and ipod/phone cover with the apple fabric looks wonderful!

Ashleigh said...

Great gifts, everyone should be over the moon.

patchworkdelights said...

Congrats on your new nephew!

How adorable is that doll and sleeping bag!

Quilt looks lovely!

Merry Christmas to you too!


Stephanie said...

Lots of excitement at your house. LOVE the dolly and "wrappy" thing. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Merry Christmas to you and all the Banshees!! Hope you guys have a wonderful time over the Christmas break. "Wrappy thingy" is very cute xox

Brenda said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
Congratulations on your new nephew!

Selina said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Jill said...

REALLY cute doll and sleeping bag!!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!