Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Look 6429

I think I might have nearly recovered from Upmarket on the weekend. Thanks to everyone who came to say hi - it was lovely to meet you all and thanks for coming out in the heat.

New Look 6429. There is a reason there are so many reviews on Pattern Review. This pattern is fantastic. I used a cotton lycra which is painful to sew as it keeps rolling up,but great to wear. I bought a roll of it on special earlier this year which has been really useful because you can't go wrong with a good cotton knit fabric and because it was so cheap I don't make muslins on my knit clothes - I can just use this and if it works fantastic and if not I really haven't lost much.
I read a lot of reviews of this pattern and it really did seem to flatter every body type - there is nothing like a little ruching over the stomache to disguise a few problems. The shape of the back is really flattering too. A few people did have problems with the shape and had to make lots of changes and some found it too big, so I cut a size smaller then usual, but other than that I found it fit perfectly.
The only negative is the facings. They just don't seem to sit right and on the next one I make I will just use some clear elastic and sew that on then turn under and top stitch.
Otherwise it is the perfect summer dress (and will probably be the perfect winter dress with long sleeves).**
Thank goodness for our verandah on hot days (36 again today). The girls still get to be play outside.

** My head was originally in the picture, but thought the face and unbrushed hair might scare people today.


Brenda said...

Really like the summer dress, it would be great on a warm day. You sew so beautifully. The girls look like they are having fun.

bec said...

I have that one too! I made a short sleeve version, which after a few summers has hit the bin due to synthetic fibres + perspiration = stinky! Need a new one, might try sleeveless!

Carin@Ullhärvan said...

Oh, I do wish it was summer. Today we have -18 degrees celsius. I wish I could walk outside without having to put on all those winterclothes. The girls seems to have a perfect porch to play in.