Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been trying to sort books. They keep mutiplying. The state of the dollar against the pound and shopping at the Book Depository isn't helping.
In other news this week:
Linda of Craft Apple is putting together a list of Independent Pattern Designers.
I was stung by a wasp twice last night. Will remember to check pyjama pants for wasps after they have been on the line from now on.
Thinking about Christmas and getting nice wooden toys.
Received some new felt from Winterwood.
Using the new felt to work on doll's faces.


Sarah said...

Ah, I love new craft books.

Ouch, wasps and pj's should never be together

One Flew Over said...

She is a beauty x

sue said...

I have the Cookie A book too. I havent knit from it as yet. Did you know you can buy books from and if they are dearer than amazon then you can match the price and they give you a refund and a 10% discount, after you have already paid for your order. My sister informed me of it last week so I am hoping to use it for some xmas pressies soon. I love your little doll's face, just too cute! I hope the wasp bites arent too painful, those things just keep on biting!

Renee said...

I'm waiting on a big delivery from the Book Depository at the moment too! It is hard to resist when the books are so so much cheaper at the moment.

I hope that wasp got what was coming to him!

Sarah Slaven said...

What a cute dolly, you always make such lovely fabric choices. And the wasp, ouch!

Lisa said...

Can you let us know what your current favourite books are? I'm always interested in hearing if what craft books are both inspiring and have stuff you want to actually make. I bought the Sew It Up book after your recommendation a while back and I really appreciate having it in my collection.

Novi On The Go said...

Lovely face! Looks very realistic with the new felt. I got my first sting this year, it was hiding in my jammy pants too, maybe they like it there... be careful!

Anonymous said...

Those dolls are so cute! Do you mind sharing the name of that lovely fabric you used for her body? I love it!