Sunday, December 09, 2007


This gorgeous little rabbit arrived in the mail this week from Maggie of Maggierama. I sent her a curly haired doll a while ago and in return I got this gorgeous rabbit (which for some reason the girls think is a puppy dog).

The girls love their art wall - maybe a little too much. Anything that goes up with glitter, feathers, anything glued on gradually gets picked and torn apart until there is bits of it all over the house, but they love sticking their work up there.


David and Melissa said...

Looks like you have some upcoming artists in your mists! I love your rabbit(dog) I can so see why the kids think that it could be a dog!
Melissa xxxxxx

Jodie said...

That rabbit is beautiful. Sort of refined and eager looking.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the girls, I thought it was a dog then saw the tail.
Cute which ever way you look at it.
Love and remember the art wall, your gunna love what comes home from school when you get to that stage.

Abby said...

what a beautifully made gift. I have justed started to decorate wyatt's door in much the same way as your wall..... we love kid art.
luv Abby

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

i have always loved Maggie's softies. You're so lucky to have one of her little creations