Sunday, August 05, 2007

Not much sewing to see here

Not a lot of sewing has been happening around here. I have managed to finish a few custom orders and that is it. Yesterday we all went to Bunbury and my friend Ali came as well so it was kind of a mad rush to get everything done. We did manage to have a nice lunch and it was good to have 3 adults for the 2 children especially when they can spot a postcard size picture of Dorothy the Dinosaur at over 100 metres.
I found some wonderful fabric in Textile Traders, they had lots of Freespirit Fabrics, Robert Kaufmann and Michael Miller.

Spotlight had some 100% cotton spotty fabric - how could I resist red and white spots!

I saw this fantastic idea from JoJo at Stardustshoes for framing these great postcards from applehead. I absolutely had to steal the idea and I framed three for the girls' room.


Joanna said...

ooooh! Your fabric looks yummy. Those framed postcards look great too. I couldn't bear to send mine to anyone. They're just too cute.

Di said...

Hello! Love the fabric! I just ordered some fabric from Z & S Fabrics (first foray into tote making and sewing in a very long time!) I must get my 2 Applehead cards framed! I love them!!

Jade said...

What a lovely pile of fabric! You know, that heather ross fish print is quite hard to get hold of online now.
And yes, I was in spotlight yesterday, too. Gotta love the price on their poplin!

Sue said...

The fabrics look wonderful. I love spotty fabrics, and I have the same large spot red fabric, although mine is a dark purple color to line Isabelle's beach bag, when I get around to knitting it up.

Corrie said...

ohhhh I hear good things about this textile traders store....think we need one over here in sydney...sometimes I find great things at SL....sometimes I just find a mess everywhere

Chara Michele said...

Lovely new fabrics!