Friday, May 11, 2007


I have been tagged by Amanda and Sue for the 7 random things about you meme. So here are the rules and my list.

1.List seven random facts/habits about yourself
2.Choose another seven bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog
3.Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

1. I was a vegetarian for 5 years - but I really craved a good steak.
2. I haven't been to the movies for over 2 and a half years.
3. This might be because I can't sit still very well, I can only watch tv if I'm sewing, knitting or reading
4. In an argument over Jack vs Sawyer I'll always choose Said.
5. I am on a search for the best ever Vanilla Slice, yes my weakness is the snot block.
6. If you want to torture me just play me commercial radio or make me sit through a commercial tv current affairs show.
7. I hate bridges. I hate walking over them and driving over them.

I'm breaking the last 2 rules as I think I might be the last person to be tagged, if not join in!
A couple of photos. I think it has been 6 months since I made elephants, but I was in an elephant mood. The girls this morning, all clean and tidy before we went out.


sue said...

Oh I hate bridges too, especially those footbridges which are so skinny which you have to walk over the freeways with here. I also have trouble driving over the Westgate Bridge, especially if I am in the outside lane. Love, love, love the elephants. The girls look so cute in their dresses. Did you make those too.

suzy said...

I love vanilla slice too - I missed it when I was out of Australia, it doesn't seem to exist anywhere else!

Anonymous said...

Nice dresses. I bet someone with really good taste chose them!

shula said...

A good snot block is a Hard Thing to Find.

Lauri said...

Mmmmm...a snot block! I think that may be one of those things that makes me glad I'm not Australian! lol! (You may want to translate that! ha!)

Bridges: I am so scared of them, I quit breathing when I do have to cross them. Steven is always saying to me, "Breathe Lauri, just breathe!"

You know what is really funny? I got tagged for this a while back but it's been in "Draft" mode because I was having trouble coming up with things. were one of the people I tagged! HA-HAAA!

joanne said...

yum nothing beats a good vanilla slice.Love the elephants

Abby said...

" Vanilla Slice" and "snot block." Okay I'm American and from a small town and I have never heard of either of these. What are they?

sheeps clothing said...

It doesn't get much better than a good vanilla slice.
There's a shop in Sorrento, Vic, that has the best vanilla slices. Being in Sorrento, they are about $6 each.
As Suzy said, they don't seem to exist outside of Australia - sort of like Violet Crumbles.