Monday, May 07, 2007

Corduroy Bag

A new bag for a friend's birthday. It's ok I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this so I can post about it. It's corduroy and a really pretty lining with a button made out of local wood - just can't find the packaging to tell me which tree it's from.

I got the most gorgeous mail today. The most perfect little shoes. I was very excited when Melissa opened up an Etsy shop and I could not resist these little shoes for my niece.


Di said...

The bag is great - I am sure your friend will love it. And the shes are amazing too! Will look perfect on yout little girl.

sue said...

Oh how nice of you to make one of those great bags for your friend. I loooove those shoes, just so adorable.

melissa said...

That bag is gorgeous- corduroy is so comfy and functional, too.
So glad you're pleased with the shoes- thank you for the mention!

jojo* said...

Love that bag! and those shoes are adorable.