Thursday, May 17, 2007

Little Bags

Happy Birthday for yesterday to my sister Jane! I'm still knitting. I have a third of a sock to go!
We also had a little friend's birthday yesterday. So while I was whipping up 1 little bag I thought I'd make 3.
I used my new yo-yo maker. So easy and they are perfect every time.
Poor Rolf has a sore foot and he won't stop touching it. After ripping off his bandage and a couple of trips to the vet this is how he looks. Really annoyed. He won't talk to any of us at the moment and he's still got at least 5 days of the plastic thing around his neck.


Jade said...

Oh no! Poor thing! Our cat had to wear that trumpet collar as well last year & he kept giving us mean looks the whole time, as if it was our fault.

Love your bags! Must get me some of those yoyo makers.

shula said...

Amazing how loudly they can sulk,eh?

Unknown said...

Rolf looks like our dog, Tony, luckily he hasn't yet suffered the indignity of the trumpet collar. Hope he has a quick recovery.

Jo said...

I've been tempted to get one of those little yo-yo thingies. Yours look great. I think I'm convinced. Sweet little bags too. And yes, make one, make three, saves making them all again later.

Sue said...

Oh poor Rolf. Is he a kelpie. He nearly looks like our kelpie Jake's twin you know. I hope he gets better soon. Love the little bags too, so cute and denim is always good.

Di said...

Poor Rolf! He looks so comical and yet so miserable!

The bags are fantastic! I always think of the round things on string going up and down and up and down when you talk of yo-yos! Not sure they would look nearly as good attached to the side of a bag!