Friday, July 21, 2006

WIP and Felt

My WIP this Friday is my room. It is meant to be the spare room, but also had the computer, all our books, another television. I have a craft desk in the laundry, but have never used it - way too cold out there. I do everything at the kitchen table. Yesterday Chris decided I needed to shift some furniture so we can actually use the kitchen table to eat on.
Here are a few pictures of how the spare room looks now. There is still a bit of work to do, but it is going to be great to leave the sewing machine out all the time.

I have oftened admired the banner over at Soozs and all the softies she makes from felt. A while ago she wrote about her 'felt dealer' (this stuff is definitely like a drug!) and I just received my first parcel from them. I say first as I know there will definitely be more!


Rachael said...

Does the felt come in packs of 5?
It looks yum, how much did you get?

melissa said...

I love your pictures of your room. Good luck with organising it all! I joke with my partner that now i have a 'sewing room', I can simply spread further all over the house with my craft-induced mess! Oh well.

sooz said...

Glad you got some of the goods! :-) Your softies are divine!