Thursday, January 26, 2006

Australia Day

We've had a pretty cruisy Australia Day - it was good to have Chris home, though he went to work this afternoon. Jean came to stay for the night and Mum and Dad are staying tonight. I think they had had enough of Rolf so they brought him home. They also brought the farm dogs Agi and Frida who aren't really used to being enclosed or actually being anywhere but the farm. We went over to the cidery this afternoon and it took Frida 40 minutes to work out how to escape. She looked pretty happy with herself as she ran over to find Dad
Here is Jean with Amelia and Grace.

I've been trying to finish this quilt I started when I was pregnant with the girls. I've finished the top and pinned it all and am now machine quilting it - which is becoming a bit of a nightmare.

I've made a New Years Resolution - it's not something I normally do as they are usually a bit boring (I know most people will find mine boring and ridiculous). They are always things you should do or stop doing. It was so cold down here the other day so I decided to learn how to knit a sock this year - I know I probably should make two. And you may laugh now Chris, but who will be the one sitting here with toastie toes laughing in winter.

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