Friday, January 20, 2006

Afternoon Sleep!

The girls had an afternoon sleep! We had a phone consult with Ngala this morning and followed their suggestions and it seemed to work. The girls weren't happy at the start but they seemed to come around. I set up their little prison as they are starting to move around more and we are going to lose one soon under the couch.

So while they were asleep I took some pictures of the front of Klaralund - not sold on this jumper, but I'll keep perservering.

The start of a little baby wrap. Changing a pattern I have to make a kimono type wrap.

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Jenn said...

Hello! I just stopped by after getting your link from Craftster. Your knitting is beautiful! I don't know where your find the time! your little ones are just too cute! I remember those non-sleeping and cranky-all-day days (well, we still have the cranky-all-day days, maybe just less of those!) I don't know how anyone does it with twins!!