Monday, April 30, 2018

Vogue 1549 and Pink Banana Shirt

I bought Vogue 1549 as soon as it came out last year. It has really interesting seam lines and an interesting shape. I searched for reviews last week and was surprised I could not find any. So I grabbed some wool (a wool blend from Spotlight) cut the pattern to my bust size and got sewing.
It's a surprisingly good fit and I really like the shape, it's almost a cape like shape. I think I made a mistake using this wool, it is quite thick and it was hard to get the pockets to sit right. If I could go back in time I would make the pockets from the lining fabric. 
The jacket it is really warm and will be perfect for standing on the sidelines at early morning football. 
If I find the time I'd love to try and make this with some quilted fabric, I have some Nani Iro gauze which would be perfect for it.  
I haven't made a button up shirt for myself for a couple of years so I pulled out the Archer pattern and got cutting. I used some Cotton and Steel lawn with pink bananas for my first one. Their lawn is beautiful to sew and has a nice drape and pink bananas!!

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