Friday, April 27, 2018

Margaret Sampson George Workshop

This is my first year in 13 that I don't have any children at home with me during the week and while I do miss having a little one chatting to me and being there during the day it also means I can get out and learn some new things. So when I heard Margaret Sampson George was coming to Cotton Rose last month I booked in straight away!
It is great being able to learn things over the internet, but there is nothing like seeing someone demonstrate a skill in real life and being able to ask questions and get immediate answers. 

I learn so much and was completely inspired by her use of fabrics, colour and shape.

This Dodecagon quilt is on my to do list!
I spent most of the day watching and learning, but I did manage to start on a bag which uses all the techniques that were talked about. 
There was also a little shopping (I could have bought everything in there!), I couldn't resist buying some of the Gertrude Made wool blend to make a shirt.
I think I did a good job only buying one piece.


Chookyblue...... said...

Wow finally all at school.......

Anorina Morris said...

Gosh those quilts are just beautiful. I look forward to seeing your bag.

PS You were very restrained!