Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Jen Kingwell's Steam Punk quilt has been on my to do list since I first saw it so when Nicole and Danielle started a quilt-a-long on instagram I was in.
Block one is finished.
A few more are cut out (the templates from Amitie are great).

Hand sewing wasn't an option, I know I do want to eventually finish it!
I pulled out the curve master foot and have had some success, but it is a bit hit and miss. It worked really well the other day, but this morning it just wasn't working.
 So I am back pinning, which really isn't that hard or time consuming, but I am impatient and really want the curve master foot to work every time!


Karen said...

Its going to be a fab quilt. I saw this post about sewing curves the other day which may be helpful (I think even I would try curves with this technique)
Good luck!

Kate said...

Thanks Karen, I'll have a look!

Abby and Stephanie said...

No clue there is a special curve master foot! :o) Love your fabrics and this whole quilt design.