Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Go To Quilting Ideas

I've had one of those slightly frustrating mornings. I thought I had a clear idea of the way I wanted to quilt a quilt, but this did not go to plan. My straight lines weren't straight. So I unpicked. I thought I would try some free motions quilting, but that did not look right. That was unpicked. So third time lucky with simple swirly loops. If I'm unsure about what to do with a quilt this is my go to way of quilting. It seems to look good on most quilts. 
It was the perfect way to quilt  my Butterflies book from Strip Savvy as it echoed how butterflies move. I was so excited this week to see Gail Pan's version of this quilt using her new fabric design.
 My other go to way of quilting is the slightly wonky straight line.
I used this a couple of times in my book. It was perfect for my Scrappy Crosses.
I also used it to quilt Reflections. I think this is the biggest quilt in my book and I quilt everything on my Bernina 440 which isn't huge, so straight lines is a good way to quilt as you can roll in the sides and do a line at a time.

 It was so nice outside taking photos this morning - there is sun in my favourite corner of the verandah and it feels and smells a little like Spring. I love this time of the year!


Abby and Stephanie said...

I call my machine quilting "organic." That way if my straight lines are off kilter it may look like I did it on purpose. :o) I haven't done any FMQ in years. I used to do it a lot. Perhaps one day I'll drop those feed dogs and get back at it. Love that HUGE flower. Is that an "older" Anna Maria Horner?

Jodie said...

still in deep winter here today but we have had a few spring glimpses ( obviously I have nothing to add on the quilting front unless rude words are your thing)