Sunday, June 01, 2014

New York - The Garment District

I spent a day in New York walking the Garment District (I may have gone back at the end of our stay when I realised there was a tiny bit of room left in my bag to make sure my bag was completely full of fabric). I don't really have a lot of choice when I go fabric shopping here, just a couple of chain stores, so my jaw dropped walking into some of the fabric shops I found.
I searched the internet for shop recommendations before I set out so I made the best use of my time. I am glad I did as some of the shops I went to are not marked from the street and can be a little tricky to find.
This is the shirting cotton in B&J Fabrics. I could have only gone here and spent all my money and been really happy (the staff were also very helpful and nice). This shop has the most amazing fabric I have ever seen. It is not cheap but probably all worth the money. I ended up buying a few pieces for shirts for Chris. Good quality shirting fabric is impossible to find in WA.

 The wool knits and wool flannels were amazing. I didn't buy any and I am kind of regretting it.
Of course I went to Mood. It was pretty busy and the knit section was the only area I could get a few photos.
I bought some cotton and some fantastic thick Italian Jersey which will be good for some kind of jacket or shrug.
I spent a loooong time choosing some ribbon in M&J Trimmings. It was all so beautiful.
Hidden away on the 9th floor at 265 West 37th Street is Metro Textiles. They had great knits and double knits.
H&M Fabrics was bursting with rolls of fabrics. They had a great selection of Italian wool down the back. I bought a little bit for a coat for Evie. Once again I'm regretting not getting more.
Spandex House had great swim wear fabric, lots of solids, patterns and spots.

 It really was fun to wander in and out of shops and be amazed at everything. I'm not sure how anyone could live in New York and not sew.


nattygai said...

thanks for the tips. i'm off to new york in september and am looking forward to exploring

Stephanie said...

Spots and trims and a trip to Mood. Did you see Swatch? How about Tim Gunn? :o) I would have been so overwhelmed with choice that I probably would have walked out empty handed.

Chookyblue...... said...

just imagine what you would have got if you could have filled a whole

A-L said...

oh my... I have to get to NY some day!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably jealous. What great fabrics!