Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Washi Dress

I'm pretty late to the Washi Dress party. I've often looked at the pattern and admired all the great Washi dresses out there, but never thought it would suit my body type. All of a sudden the other day after flicking through the Washi dress Flickr group I bought the pattern. and immediately printed it out and made a muslin of the top half. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad. Here is a list of the alterations I made:
  • I knew I wanted to make the top longer so I added 2 1/2 inches to the length of the front
  • I added a bottom dart on either side
  • I also altered the sleeves as they stick straight out and I do not need to make my upper arms look any bigger then they already are. I'll show you how I did it at the bottom of this post
  • I added 2 1/2" to the length of the back above the shirring line.
  • I used the collar from the expansion pack.
  • I adjusted the hem length, as I added length to the top I needed to make it shorter.
Things I still need to alter for a better fit.
  • I could still alter the sleeves a little to make it more capped.
  • The side darts hit at the wrong spot, they just need moving.
This might seem like a long list, but they are all minor changes and I think I nearly have the perfect dress and there are so many variations of this dress you can make.
I used a Japanese cotton I bought at Spotlight recently with deckchairs on it. I had no idea what I would do with it when I bought it, I just knew I needed it. I think the Washi dress is the perfect pattern for it.

To alter the sleeves I cut four lines from the flat side to nearly the shoulder side, but don't cut all the way through.
Fold and overlap a little, I stuck them down with stickytape. I traced a new pattern piece adding a seam allowance at the bottom of the sleeve. As you now have a curved edge at the bottom of the sleeve you can't cut it on the fold so you must cut four sleeves.
Sew each pair together, right sides together. Turn right sides out and press. 


Jane said...

I love it! What a great alteration to the sleeves, and the collar is adorable.

Taryn said...

I am really interested in what you wrote here as I've been looking at the same dress and am quite convinced it would need massive alterations to look ok on me. But I do like the neckline and sleeve variations. Many of the images I see of the washi dress are not at all flattering to the wearer, but yours does look really good. Well done!

Tanya said...

You've done a great job on the washi Kate, really flattering. I really enjoy reading your blog, always spurs me on to improve my limited dressmaking skills. I've been playing around with the washi patterns a bit lately too, not as well as you but getting there. I'm going to have a crack at inserting a placket with the peter pan collar to make it wearable while I'm still breastfeeding, fingers crossed :-).

Stacey @ bakercourt said...

This dress is AMAZING! I've often admired it on others, but didn't think it would suit me. (Why didn't I think about changing the sleeves and the dress length?). FAB.

Krista said...

This looks so nice !

Samantha Dennison said...

Clever sleeve alteration - the stickyoutedness of the original pattern pieces was one of my concerns about the design. Your version makes me want to make it now.

A-L said...

Oh my... I've been admiring Washi dresses for a while now and yours is no exception - it looks great!!! I really, (really) want one too!!

motherof5 said...

I love this, maybe I do need this pattern....

formandreform said...

I swear Kate - it's a good thing you are on the other side of the country or I'd be launching myself at you for a BIG hug. You have put so many great patterns my way. I LOVE this on you. I got so excited by it on Instagram I couldn't wait for the blog post, I spent the afternoon researching and getting inspired by other ones out there too, bought it immediately, and had made it the next day. wearing it today and loving it. Agree about the bust dart - next one will be lowered slightly. Having babies'll do that to you.... THANK YOU. thank you SO much!

mybeardedpigeon@gmail.com said...

I love your fabric choice!dress looks great!