Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm not big on resolutions and making lots of big changes all at once, but there are a few things I would like to do this year. One is to stop over thinking things when I sew. I'm sure I spend more time thinking about what I should sew or knit, if a pattern will work or if I have chosen the right fabric or yarn. This goes for quilts and kids clothes as well as clothes for me. I just have to remember that if something doesn't work that it isn't such a big deal. I seem to learn something new from every new pattern I sew.
The weather has warmed up and our house on the hill can get very hot during summer and I am in need of a few new voile dresses. I chose New Look 6804 to try first as it looked quite quick and easy. Unfortunately it is awful on me, a horrible shapeless tent that is not worth fixing. The fabric was from the bargain table at Spotlight and I can cut the dress up to make something for the girls so not all is lost. I definitely suit styles with a bit more shape.

 I have pulled out a few other patterns I want to try. I have some fabric out that I think might work for Vogue 8810 and hopefully I can cut it out tonight. There are some nice examples of this pattern around so I am hoping I can make it work.


bec said...

I'm doing the same this year (or the first bit definiately). No more quilts or things for other people! Completely selfish sewing, I have enough patterns haha. I want and nearly all handmade work wardrobe I've decided- and to finally get a new wrap dress made!

Stephanie said...

I don't make resolutions either. I start the year with a plan of a few things I'd like to accomplish but don't get wigged out if it doesn't happen. :o) I'm going through my piles of UFOs and if I really don't want to finish, I'm donating it. I love seeing the clothes you sew. Happy New Year and happy sewing.