Saturday, December 07, 2013


The stash is out of control again. To be honest it is always out of control, but I am in the middle of a crazy amount of Christmas sewing and haven't had time to even try and stuff it back into the shelves. I think it would be a lot better if  I just made quilts or I just made clothes for the kids, but as I like to sew all sorts of things I collect lots of different types of fabrics. I made these nice neat piles about a month ago.
Cotton/linens for bags.

 Quilting cottons for a quilt.
 Quilting cottons for clothes for me.
Quilting Cottons for clothes for the girls.

 Voile, gauze, cotton and denim for the girls and I.
 Knit fabrics.
 Liberty lawn.
 Now it has all morphed into one big pile in the corner of the sewing room. I think I know what I will be spending January doing.


Karen said...

I am a self confessed fabric hoarder. I won't bother denying it. What can I say - I LOVE IT!!!!! I just don't use it as fast as it comes in. I think you have some mighty fine fabrics in that stash. Enjoy

Plum Cox said...

It all looks so yummy! Hope that you are planning to spend January diving into it with joy rather than thinking that you might tidy it?!?