Monday, December 30, 2013

Knitting Needle Rolls

My sister asked me for a knitting needle roll for Christmas. I ended up making three. She might not have as many needles as me, but those things tend to multiply when you aren't looking and I am sure these will be full in no time.

 One for her circular needles.
 One for the double pointed.
 And one for her crochet hooks.
 I used some denim from the stash and lots of my favourite teeny tiny scraps.
Cotton from the stash for the inside and some red ric rac for the ties.
Now back to organizing and sorting the house. I'd love to start the New Year with at least some of it tidy.


Samantha Dennison said...

Great idea. My needles keep multiplying every time I go to the city! Happy New Year!

Sue said...

They are so cute!